Our mission is to improve the economic development of our business entrepreneurs and the communities for which we serve. The AACC serves as the corner stone for educational training, resource programs, resources and economic growth opportunities with a specific emphasis on “Business in Action”.

Our business directory features our small business members and corporate sponsors. We encourage you to search our database for qualified businesses that support the AACC.

We believe our community and members possess everything necessary to bring economic prosperity to our community. Our members in good standing — business owners, government administrators, political leaders, individuals and pastors — will do everything within their power to reduce the high unemployment and overwhelming hopelessness far too common in the black community.

While our members are not responsible for the high unemployment in the black community, individually and collectively, we are committed to do our part to reduce it.

We provide service and exceptional support for small and large businesses. All of our events, services and training programs are designed with our members in mind. So, if you’re a large corporation, start up business or long term member, you can count on the AACC to to help you accomplish your mission.

We look forward to serving you!